Taurus Exam Studio Pro

Taurus Exam Studio Pro

Exam Simulator and Editor - 2 in 1.

Create your own exam files or take tests from existing exam files.

Create your own exam files in TQB format or edit the files which already exist, as well as pass the testing process with the tests' simulator.

Exam Studio

Exam Editor and Simulator
TaurusApps Exam Studio - Exam Editor Description

2 in 1

TaurusApps Exam Studio - Single Answer

For Business

Interview your employee candidates
Assess current employees for the raise
Train employees for new areas of expertise

For Exam Preparation

Familiarize yourself with the environment
Review the questions and learn the right answers
Pass your certification exam at the first attempt

For Teachers

Create your own exams for testing your students
Run exam sessions
Generate success reports

Exam Simulator

The best simulator for exam preparation

Exam Simulator, as the name suggests, emulates the real exam that you will be taking for your certification – same look and feel, sets of questions, time limits, etc.

It allows you to load an exam file and try to answer the questions. You can choose to practice and see various hints, change the order of the questions, etc. Or, pretend you are taking a real exam with no hints shown and a limited time span.

Exam Simulator icon
TaurusApps Exam Simulator - Question

Configure your session

Choose to hide or show hints, order or shuffle exam questions.

Choose question types

Single choice, multiple choice or fill-in blanks

Review test results

Check your score when you are done, review your answers and the correct ones, take notes, and move on to the next test or repeating this one all over.

Exam Editor

Create your own exams

Create your own exams from scratch or edit existing exams with a Word-like rich-text editor. Add images with a single click, choose from various question types.

TaurusApps Exam Simulator - Exam Editor
TaurusApps Exam Simulator - 6 types of questions

6 types of questions

  • Single choice
  • Multiple choice
  • Fill-in blanks
  • Point and Click
  • Hot Area
  • Select and Place


Add an intro to questions sets.

Create sections

Group questions by the subject; e.g., in a large area of Networks, group questions related to wireless connections, LAN, protocols, etc.

Explanation to answers

Accompany the correct answer with an explanation to help the candidate better understand the question and the answer.

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