Taurus Exam Studio
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Taurus Exam Simulator

Exams' conducting & passing based on tests

The exams' simulator will help you not only test your knowledge but also prepare yourself for the upcoming exams.

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Taurus Exam Editor

Exam tests creation & editing in TQB format

Exam tests creation and editing in TQB format. Exam Editor supports the most necessary variants of the questions to thoroughly test your knowledge in the most comprehensive way.

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Personal Finance Management
Money Calendar - Main Window
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Money Calendar

The best personal finance software for home accounting

This is a personal finance application to track your expenses in the easiest and most convenient way - by placing all your transactions on the calendar. Since scheduling appointments using the calendar is convenient - why not schedule financial transactions using the calendar as well.

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Taurus Automator

Automate routine tasks with files and folders using GUI and simple commands.

Automate routine tasks with powerful scripts. Use GUI and mouse instead of memorizing numerous fancy shell commands.

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