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Taurus Exam Editor

Exam tests editor

Exam tests creation & editing in TQB format

Exam tests creation and editing in TQB format. Exam Editor supports the most necessary variants of the questions to thoroughly test your knowledge in the most comprehensive way.

Cross-platform visual editor of exam tests

TaurusApps Exam Editor - Simple Question
Visual Editor
Visual Editor provides functions to simplify writing and formatting the texts of questions and answers.
Exam Structure
The logical division of a large exam will help not to get confused in the questions when editing, as well as to separate one question from another.
Types of Questions
Support for the 6 main types of questions needed to create a complete test.

Visual Exam Editor

Exam Editor - Visual Exam Editor

Visual exam editor will help you create your own full-featured tests with rich text and images. You don't have to be a programmer - just type, paste, align stuff as if you would do that in your favorite word processor.

Exam Editor - Visual Exam Editor

Exam Editor - Multiple question types

Multiple question types

Exam Editor - Multiple question types

Exam editor supports question types:

  • Single choice
  • Multiple choice
  • Fill-in-blanks
  • Hot point
  • Hot area
  • Select and Place

Text formatting and images can be added to questions to make them look clearer and prettier.

Grouping questions

Exam Editor - Grouping questions

For your convenience, questions can be grouped in:

  • Question sets - arrange exam questions in folders by the subject or other criteria. Add description to the folders, display that information during the test session.
  • Sections - match questions to certain subjects.
Exam Editor - Grouping questions

Exam Editor - Explanation to answers

Explanation to answers

Exam Editor - Explanation to answers

Explain why the answer is correct and should be selected, and why the other ones are wrong. Use a a WYSIWYG editor to type and format the text and add images.

Test file information

Exam Editor - Test file info

Add information about the author and version of the test, description of the exam, and other details, which will appear when the user opens the exam file.

Exam Editor - Test file info

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