Domain and Server Manager

Domain and Server Manager

Application for domain and server management

What's more, our program lets you link domains with servers, making it easier to find the information you need about your infrastructure. It can quickly determine on which server a specific domain resides and calculate the total cost of maintaining all your resources.

Servers & Domains

The full map of your internet assets

If you have lots of domains and servers/VPS, you definitely need a tool to control them. "Domain and Server Manager" is such a tool. Insert the information about your servers, domains and sub-domains into the database and the application will automatically link them with each other.
Domain and Server Manager
Central Management
Single repository to store the information about all your internet assets. Moreover, they will be linked with each other.
Expiration Dates
Don't miss the expiration date of your domain's registration. "Domain and Server Manager" will help you with that.
This application will show you both montlhly & yearly amounts which yoг pay for your servers & domains hosting.


Everything should be structured

All data is not just in one list - you can organize everything in the most convenient way.

  • Divide the servers from different providers into the relevant folders.
  • Group the domains depending on the projects or application types.
  • You can attach a comment or short description to each element.


Consolidated table of all the servers

Insert information about servers & their short characteristics into the application.

Consolidated table of all the servers will help you:

  • To identify which servers need to be updated
  • To choose a server for a new project
  • To analyze characteristics & prices of different providers
  • To see the common amount of expenses for your servers' support

Each server

All necessary information

Quick access to all the necessary information about any server, registered in the application.

  • List of all domains, hosted at this very server
  • IP address and characteristics
  • Short description and provider


Information about the domain and its subdomains

Domain's convenient structure allows to easily navigate & find the problem areas.

  • Not to get lost in a big number of domains
  • To easily find a server where a website or an application is located
  • To find domains or sub-domains which are not linked to the server
  • To find domains which you can get rid of (for example, an out-of-date application which is no longer active)

To establish order

If you are a happy owner of a number of servers as well as domains & sub-domains, etc. - then you have already faced the situation that to keep all the information about them in your head is pretty difficult.

We provide you with a tool which will help you structure everything & even add comments & descriptions to each of your resources.

Here it is!

Domain and Server Manager

If you are not one of those lucky guys, don't despair! Just bookmark our website, buy 10-20 new domains, 10 servers, create lots of websites & appliations & place them on these servers & domains. And then come back to us to make your life easier!

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